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Saint Paul

The prayer of Paul is a constant intercession: « I never stop praying for you »(Col 1:9); « Night and day I ask God » (1 Th 3:10).  His  prayer underlies all his activity as apostle « Live in prayer and in supplication. Intercede for all the saints » (Eph 6:18).  Paul never ceases to intercede « in the Christ » for « the salvation of all » (1 Tm 2:3).  He becomes, because of his mission, as the mouthpiece of Christ Himself here below. (J. Huguet)

Thanksgiving has an important place in the personal prayer of Paul, and it is a reflex that he tries to inculcate in all the converts.  Instinctively Paul thanks and has others thank.  The communities as such, must uphold each other mutually through prayer: it is the most authentic sign of their friendship (2 Co 9:14).  It is also their duty to broaden their requests, as responsible for the universal: « First of all, I recommend that there should be prayers of petition, of intercession and of thanksgiving … so that we may be able to live religious and reverent lives in peace and tranquility »(Tm 2:1).

The prayer of petition must become the reflex of every believer, especially when he has strayed from the peace of God:  « There is no need to worry; but if there is anything you need, pray for it, asking God for it in prayer and thanksgiving, and that peace of God, which is so much greater than we can understand, will guard your hearts and your thoughts, in Christ Jesus » (Ph 4:6).

The continual prayer of Christian brethren must also  become responsible for the needs of all the baptized, and especially of those called to preach the Gospel: « Brothers, pray for us; pray that the Lord’s message may spread quickly, and be received with honor as it was among you »(2 The 3:1; cf. 1 The 5:25). Prayer must also call upon the help of God in the dangers that the apostle faces: « I exhort you by the love of the Spirit, to help me through my dangers by praying to God for me (Rm 15:30).  And also, to the Corinthians: « it is God who will deliver me (from death), if you come to my help by through\\prayer »(2 Co 1:11).

As we well know the Spirit of the risen Jesus is present and active in the prayer of a child of God: … the Spirit comes to the aide of our weakness, because we do not know how to pray

as we should »(Rom 8:26).

From: The Pastoral prayer of Saint Paul, by Jean Lévêque,

Carmelite, from the province of Paris.

Marie Rivier

I do not wish to speak here of a prayer of a few moments, of a half hour meditation…. I want to speak of this continual prayer that must precede, accompany and follow all our actions…

I can tell you that I have expected everything from prayer:  when I have prayed and had others pray, I am calm and I do not fear… all my trust has always been in prayer.  Be equally convinced that it is there, in the spirit of prayer and meditation that we draw all the help , all the graces necessary, for us and for others; and be sure that, when you cease praying, you will cease to do good. (Marie Rivier’s Last Instructions and Final Words of Advice, p 9).

Have recourse to prayer,  let this be your only option.  In the midst of your occupations, remain united to God; all your yearnings should be prayers.  Let us take this holy habit of praying unceasingly; while going and coming, while working. (To sister Xavier, January 24, 1817)

Do not decide anything without first consulting Jesus Christ and turning your heart frequently toward Him asking Him for His light and his help.  I feel so strongly the need that we have of Him, being unable to do anything by ourselves, that if I forget and do something without praying, I cry and I look upon what I have done as useless.  Therefore, be daughters of prayer and of meditation and God will bless all you do. (Letter 559)

Prayer in our life

Paul teaches us another important thing: he says that there is no true prayer without the presence of the Spirit within us.  He wrote: « The Spirit helps us in our weakness; for we do not know how to pray as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercede3s for us with sights too deep for words.  And he who searches the hearts of men knows what is the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for the saints according to the will of God »(Rom 8:26-27).

It  is as if to say that the Holy Spirit, that is, the Spirit of the Father and of the Son, is henceforth as it were the soul of our soul, the most secret part of our being, from which an impulse of prayer rises ceaselessly to God, whose words we cannot even begin to explain.

In fact, the Spirit, ever alert within us, completes what is lacking in us and offers to the Father our worship as well as our deepest aspirations.

This, of course, requires a degree of great and vital communion with the Spirit.  It is an invitation to be increasingly sensitive, more attentive to this presence of the Spirit in us, to transform it into prayer, to feel this presence of the Spirit.  It is an invitation to be increasingly sensitive, more attentive to this presence and thus to learn to pray, to speak to the Father as children in the Holy Spirit.

Benedict XVI November 15 2006

« The supreme good is prayer, the familiar conversation with God.  It is communication with God and union with Him…. As the eyes of the body are enlightened when they see the light, in the same manner the soul tending toward God is enlightened by His indescribable light.

Prayer is not the result of an exterior attitude, but rather it comes from the heart.  It does not limit itself to some hours or to some determined moment, but it extends its activity without respite, night and day.

Prayer is the light, the real knowledge of God, the intermediary between God and men.

When I speak of prayer, do not imagine that I am speaking of words.  It is rather an impetus toward God, a love that does not come from men and of which the Apostle speaks thus: We do not know how to pray as we should, but the Spirit Himself intervenes for us by inexpressible cries (Rom 8:26). »

Anonymous homily of the fifth century

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